SnapBudget Planner

Personal Finance Management Tool (PFM)

Now you can access your own online money coach with SnapBudget Planner, our secure financial planning tool within online banking. It's easy to manage your money when you can categorize transactions and add accounts from multiple institutions into a single view. Now you can visualize spending trends, budgets and your overall financial picture.

Use SnapBudget to set budgets and spending alerts, track account activity and see the spending patterns you want to change and the potential for growth you want to explore. SnapBudget is free* to online banking customers who want financial planning on their own time and in a snap. Get started today!

  • Available with online banking at no additional cost
  • Allows you to set budgets with spending alerts
  • Track income and expenses
  • View current balances & account activity
  • Highest level of security
  • No monthly fee*

*Third party fees for Internet, messaging and data plans may apply.