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Business Digital Banking

  • Pay your bills as you see fit — use one time or recurring payments
  • Download our iPhone® or Google Play™ app to bank anywhere, anytime1
  • Utilize Online Statements
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Merchant Card Services

  • Provide additional payment options for your customers, from credit cards to gift cards
  • Choose between traditional and mobile terminals
  • Cut down on billing expenses and streamline record keeping
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Remote Deposit Capture

  • Deposit checks from the convenience of your office
  • Streamline check handling from multiple locations
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud by eliminating the circulation of paper checks
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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

  • Conduct a number of outgoing payments electronically at any time
  • Schedule one-time or recurring outgoing payments
  • Efficient and accurate processing, providing more visibility to your cash position
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Positive Pay

  • Catch suspicious activity before any money leaves your account
  • You decide whether or not to approve the payment
  • Sends alerts when a payment mismatch occurs
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