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A Note from Charlie

Charlie Williams


I know we are all hearing a lot right now, and most of what we read or talk about is probably focused on what is going on around us …. Not what I would call really good stuff.  Everyone is dealing with this individually, in our work, or in our families in different ways, but just the same there is probably some level of concern backing how we are thinking.   For those of you that are not letting these current circumstances steal your joy, I commend you.   Sometimes it is difficult not to get bogged down in all the worry, the unknowns, and the general negatives in the news we seem to hear at every turn.  Let me assure you, all of us at Citizens Bank & Trust are talking about these same things, but also how we best address this situation with our customers and how we might consistently serve.   Our entire Bank family is engaged in remaining calm, professional, and ready to serve all the while. 

First of all, our Bank is healthy.   We are on truly sound financial footing, we have an operating plan, and more than that an operating plan with a customer focus.   The FDIC continues to provide deposit insurance, like they always have as well.   I hope this provides some real reassurance if that is what you need.   We are also monitoring all that going on very closely, and are employing the “Best Practices” we see from all participants in our industry.    We’re working hard to keep the safety of our employees top of mind, and we know that things like “social distancing” (even including hand-shaking), good hygiene practices, video conferencing as necessary – all of these contribute to a work environment that is safe for us, and for our customers as well.    Please know we have no plans to do anything other than remain open to serve, but also that as circumstances dictate this service may look a bit different.    Like every other business, we are monitoring our employees, scheduling appropriately, and taking all measures we deem appropriate to be here for you.   You may have noticed signage we have in place that encourages our customers to alternative ways to do their banking -- things like the drive-thru, our ATM’s, our mobile and on-line opportunities, and our Call Center.   There are so many ways for us to accommodate needs, and even if we reach a point where restricted access to the lobby becomes an issue our cell phones and direct-dial lines are available.    Things are different right now – some would even call them challenging.   We are choosing to remain calm, not panic, and simply adjust to the current environment.    If you have questions, we hope you will call.    Our first Core Value is “We do the Right Thing”.   It is important to us.    Each customer of the Citizens Bank & Trust is important to us, and we will respond to you honestly and professionally.    We will continue to respect the current situation, but work hard to continue to earn or maintain the trust you have in our organization.    Thanks for being our customer.

Remember, we’re community bankers, and we’re continually here to help our communities. We will get through this together.



For updates on our response to COVID-19 click here.


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