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It's an honor to serve.

Charlie Williams


Within Citizens Bank & Trust, the initial round of PPP was a great success, but at the same time somewhat bittersweet with the knowledge we did not get to assist every applicant before the allocated funding ran dry.   In addition to a lot of hope, we also wrote letters encouraging our legislators to give us a chance to finish to what we started because we understood the needs that exist in our communities and with our customers.   It’s hard to say that our appeals and letters made the one big difference, but I can say that we could not have been happier when PPP Round 2 was approved and available.   It provided the opportunity to jump back into serving, and we are now going home at night with the comfort of knowing we have made a difference for many more.   As of today, we’re proud to celebrate 568 SBA Paycheck Protection Program approved loans totaling $40,554,879. These numbers will keep growing as we continue to receive applications until the SBA funds are exhausted.

While the PPP money will serve an interim purpose, we are also aware of the challenges and uncertainties that are ahead of so many.    So many critical and strategic decisions are out there for all businesses that have either reopened or are contemplating serving their customers once again soon.   Personally, I am encouraged that we have reached this point, but in addition to staying safe and healthy we all must balance our focus and not be so engaged in the challenges of the here and now, but also have patience and an eye toward the opportunities that will be presented to us along the way.   We all have responsibilities – each of us have our own – and these will require our best and most thoughtful selves as we move through the next weeks and months.   It has been an honor for Citizens Bank & Trust to play the role we have to date, and our goal for the weeks ahead is to listen, to provide counsel where we can, and to continue to serve to the best of our ability.   We are indeed joined together in how we respond to the issues in front of us, and we could not be more confident in the enterprising spirit of the customers in the communities we serve.    We are blessed to be in this with you.

Now, today is Cinco de Mayo … so be sure to call and get the best street tacos, for take-away of course, from your favorite local taco spot!

Charlie Williams


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